Mumbai Police Act And Motor Whicle Act Related Information

Mumbai Police Act And Motor Whicle Act Related Information
Important provisions of different laws

(1) Mumbai Police Act
In relation to the relinquishment of the defiant, Article-6
Regarding relegation of convicted person, section 5
Police duty to people, section 66
Power to take possession of unclaimed property, section 8
About hindrance on the road, Article-99 to 104
To do a dreadful act in the public place, section -105
Be kind to behave shamefully, section 110
Harassing people coming in the way, Article-111
Misbehaving with intention to breakpeace, Section -112
On the way to doing an abusive act, Article-115
Disclaimer of public house notice, section 116
Rs. Penal punishment can be up to 110 years, section 97, section 99 to 116
Givin false information about the fear of fire, section 1
With the right to arm a weapon, section -13
Regarding violation of the rules made in accordance with the provisions of section 135, section, 33

(2) The Mumbai Prohibition Act
Drinking a drink without permit, Section -131, Article 33
Domestic foreign liquor, Section-66 (1) B, 6 PAE
(3) Arms Act 1959
Holding firearms without license, Article-1 (b) (a)
To buy a weapon from a non-licensed person or to sell a weapon to a non-licensed person, Section-9 (A) (B)
Narcotics Drugs and Psycho Tropics Sub-Stenzes Act 1985
Regarding the cultivation of opium, potty, doda, broken plant, marijuana, plantation or possession, clause 1, 5, 7 and 7 (A)
Section -3, driving license required
Section-39, Regarding Registering Vehicle Rt
Section-66, Permit Requirement
Pausing Article 370, when asked to stop the police vehicle wearing uniformed uniform
Section -134, to inform the driver of the accident when the accident and injury occurs and the duty to take the injured to a hospital
Section-146, risks for third party risks are required. In case of an accident, insurance for the third party's risk is necessary for the injury to the injury / compensation to the successor's heir. The vehicle's insurance policy is compulsory for the vehicle that is carrying dangerous and explosive material. If an accident happens with the non-insurable vehicle being taken away from the vehicle, it will not be easily compensated for the injury to the person who is injured or the person who has died, and the situation is fraught with which the provision is made to prevent it. Rs. Rs. 100 / - for fine and for second and subsequent offense; Rs.
Section -177, provides for penalty of up to Rs.300 / - for punishment of breach of rules.
Section -180, the driver can be punished by imprisonment of up to three months or up to Rs.1000 / - for punishment of driving a driver without a driver's license or both.
Section 181, driving without a driver's license, imprisonment upto 3 months or up to Rs.500 / - or fine or both can be punished.
Section-184, imprisonment for a non-felicitation or dangerous vehicle up to 6 months imprisonment or fine up to Rs.1000 / - can be punished.
Section-199, registration, penalty for up to Rs.5000 / - for first offense and 1 year imprisonment for subsequent offense, penalty of up to Rs.1000 / - for the use of vehicles without permit.
Section-19, matter of using vehicles without a permit
Section-196, up to three months imprisonment for driving a vehicle without the risk of third party risk. 1000 / - or fine can be punished for both.
Section-6, Power to police custody of the document
Section-7, Vehicle without driving license, Certificate of registration or abatement of vehicles used without permit
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